The EM Volunteer Programs consist of two programs: Citizens Emergency Response Team (CERT) and Marion Emergency Radio Team (MERT). Both these programs consist of volunteers trained to help Emergency Management in times of disasters.

Citizens Emergency Response Team (CERT)

The CERT Program is designed to train citizens how to prepare and take care of themselves during times of disasters. This program teaches several topics such as Fire Safety, Disaster Medical Operations, Disaster Psychology, Disaster Preparedness, Search and Rescue and more.

The program also establishes and maintains community response teams around the county that help promote preparedness and provide initial disaster response to their specific community. These teams are exposed to additional advanced trainings to include:

  • CPR/ AED
  • Animal Response
  • Storm Spotter


Marion Emergency Radio Team (MERT)

The MERT Program is designed to provide communications support to areas such as Shelters, Healthcare Facilities, Point of Distributions, and more during times of disasters. They assist with moving valuable communications between agencies and locations about storm information, resource needs and requests.

The MERT Program combines many types of radio and communications devices into one program providing numerous sources of information and communication.


To register for either of these programs fill out the application below and return to the address provided.

For more information or questions please contact 352-369-8100