Major Fred Vyse     Bureau Chief

Major Fred Vyse
Bureau Chief

The Law Enforcement Bureau is comprised of the Patrol Division, Special Operations, Criminal Investigation Department and the Juvenile Division. Each division has various assigned units. Major Fred Vyse oversees the entire Bureau.

The Patrol Division reports to Captain Brian Dotten. This Division is responsible for all 12 District Offices which are supervised by a Lieutenant. Law enforcement uniformed deputies are assigned to each district based on the following criteria: calls for service, response time, crime rate and population.

Community Policing in Marion County is a decentralized approach to fighting crime by focusing on crime fighting efforts in districts located throughout the county rather than from a centralized location. Our decentralized approach makes us more accessible to the citizens we serve.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office has many specialty units under the Special Operations Division, which is overseen by Captain Louis Pulford.  This division includes units such as: SWAT, Bomb Squad, Hostage Negotiations, Underwater Recovery, Field Force, Bike Patrol and Marine Units. Full time specialty units include: K-9, Traffic and the Air Unit. The Sheriff’s Office also maintains a Reserve Unit and a Mounted Unit. Both of these are primarily made up of civilian volunteers.

Captain Dennis Joiner supervises the Criminal Investigations Division, whose main responsibilities are Major Crimes, Property Crimes, Crime Analysis, and Evidence. 

Captain Alicia Walker supervises the Juvenile Division which is responsible for the School Resource Officers (SRO), Department of Children and Families Liaison, the Work in Lieu of Arrest (WILA) Program and Crisis Intervention Services (CIS).

Divisions of the Community Policing Bureaus

  • Criminal Investigation Division
  • Juvenile Division
  • Patrol Division
  • Special Operations Division