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1. 90% of all crashes are the result of what? *
2. What is mandatory as outlined in Florida state statute and Sheriff’s Office policy? *
3. Safety (seat) belts increase your chance of surviving a crash by more than what percentage? *
4. What is the #1 cause of crashes in the USA.? *
5. What is the #2 cause of crashes in the USA? *
6. Shuffle steering helps maintain control and provides smooth steering, hand positions are at the _____ o’clock or the _____ o’clock position on the steering wheel. *
7. Hitting a row of bushes is better than a tree, post or solid object. *
8. When driving in rain, fog or smoke Florida law requires that you turn off your headlights to prevent distracting other drivers. *
9. The 2-3 second rule refers to what? *
10. What affects our ability behind the wheel? *
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