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The Marion County Sheriff’s Office Sex Offender Unit has the responsibility of registering sexual offenders, predators and career offenders that reside in Marion County. The unit conducts address verification's at the home of each sexual offender/predator at least four times per year and each career offender once per year. Sexual offenders and predators are required to register either two or four times per year based on their offense which allows the unit to see them at least six to eight times every year. Any violations or complaints received by the Sheriff’s office are investigated by the unit and we also work to educate the public on sexual offenders by hosting community presentations and law enforcement training. 

We have provided several links to assist you in understanding the sexual offender and predator laws and responsibilities. We also have several agency links listed to aide you in determining if you have a sexual offender or predator residing in your neighborhood. Some of these links also provide you with the ability to register and receive e-mail alerts for your neighborhood or a specific offender or predators that you choose to monitor. We hope the information we have provided is both useful and informative.

All Florida Sex Offenders and Predators are required to abide by the rules set forth in the “FDLE Sexual Predator/Sexual Offender Notice ofResponsibilities” form that they sign for during the registration process.

 A Sexual Predator/Offender who is on“Supervision” status will also have a probation officer and will most likely have more sanctions (rules) to follow as set forth by Department of corrections. Contact would have to be made with the appropriate probation officer to determine their sanctions before determining if there is a violation.


Should you have any concerns about a sexual offender or predator’s compliance with the law you can e-mail the Sex Offender Unit here. You can also call us during business hours at 352-368-3517.

Our office is located at the top of the ramp at 692 NW 30th Ave. Ocala, FL 34475.