Pat Stefanski     Special Needs Coordinator                          352-369-8136      pstefanski@marionso.com

Pat Stefanski
Special Needs Coordinator                        352-369-8136  

The Marion County Special Needs Program is for residents with specific health and medical conditions and those requiring transportation assistance. The program helps to provide assistance in sheltering, evacuation, and transportation for registered residents during times of disasters with the resources available within Marion County.

The registry is a confidential listing of those needing assistance and is updated on an annual basis through contact with the registered residents. Residents with medical needs such as nebulizers, oxygen, feeding tubes, or Alzheimer’s disease are examples of medical criteria that are eligible for the registry.

To register for the Marion County Special Needs Program, fill out the application below and return to the address on the application.

For questions relating to special needs please contact: 352-369-8100.

Emergency Management strives to offer sheltering space for residents however it is strongly encouraged to seek shelter with friends and family first.