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Silver Springs Shores District
501 Water Road Ocala, 34472     
Phone: (352) 402-6000          
Fax: (352) 687-3203


Lieutenant Chrisean Bollers   Silver Springs Shores District Commander

Lieutenant Chrisean Bollers
Silver Springs Shores District Commander

Hello, my name is Lieutenant Chrisean Bollers and I am the Commander of the Silver Springs Shores District.

The Silver Spring Shores District is located in the southeastern part of Marion County. The district is 51.15 square miles and currently has a total population of 22,955 within that area. The district has 13 Deputies assigned along with the district commander who holds the rank of Lieutenant as well as one secretary. The district is also patrolled by the Shore Action Force Eyes or S.A.F.E., which is a volunteer group of citizens that serve as extra eyes and ears for the Sheriff’ office. They report directly to the district commander. The unit is currently using two Toyota Hybrid vehicles that are very good on fuel and serve their patrol needs well at minimal cost. The district office is located at 501 Water Road and is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm with the exception of weekends and holidays. The main road that runs through the Silver Springs Shores District is CR 464 and along that road are numerous restaurants and grocery stores as well as other small businesses. The public is welcome to come by the district office and inquire about anything that is law enforcement related as well as gaining access to reports that are generated by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. The district secretary is also able to finger print people and do local background checks for a fee that is posted at the district office.