Captain Tom Terrell Civil Division Commander

Captain Tom Terrell
Civil Division Commander

 The Bailiff Unit maintains courtroom decorum and protocol providing protection to citizens, Judges, and jurors during trials and hearings while maintaining custody over inmates. With over 13,231 inmates attending trials and hearings, Bailiffs escort inmate to and from courtrooms, ensure juvenile defendants are processed accordingly, fingerprint individuals as required and collected 829 DNA samples per Florida Statues for felony offenses in 2013.

The Civil Process Unit carries out the statutory responsibilities for serving civil arrest orders, summonses, and injunctions for protection, mental health orders, and execution of writs and completes the Sheriff’s Return of Service. These judicial process documents originate from the courts, governmental agencies and private attorneys in Florida and throughout the United States.
Office personnel enter and maintain protective injunction files through the Florida Crime Information Center and our agency computer system. This unit also schedules the sale of found livestock and other properties that may have been seized under court order. In 2013, the Civil Unit received 24,713 papers for service, a total of 2,513 enforceable writs and 22,200 non-enforceable writs with 162 civil arrests made. Twenty-seven sales were conducted on properties or animals per court order.
Fees for service of process are in accordance with Florida Statute 30.231 and are nonrefundable.

The Transportation Unit is comprised of five full-time sworn employees and three part-time sworn employees. The unit utilizes buses, multi-passenger vans, a handicapped van and cars to transport inmates. The unit has the responsibility of transporting inmates to and from other counties, state institutions, medical appointments and court appearances while ensuring the safety and security of the inmates being transported, the transporting officers and the general public. Duties include the transporting of High Risk Inmates such as escape risk or inmates with violent tendencies. In addition, this unit is also responsible for maintaining security during the first appearance hearings at the jail. During 2013, the Transportation Unit transported a total of 12,947 inmates, logging 137,905 miles for the year. In addition, 1,450 inmates were transported under contract services, logging 207,593 miles.