The Deputy Explorer program is a multi-week, age specific program that will help each Deputy Explorer receive valuable training. Employees of the Sheriff’s Office provide all instruction for the program, which introduces students to law enforcement by giving them a first hand look at the various career opportunities that are available. The program starts with the Code of Ethics and provides an overview of each bureau within the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. The deputy Explorers will also participate in physical training during the academy.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Explorer program is designed to prepare students between the ages of 14 and 21 for a possible career in law enforcement. The program provides specialized training to help educate students in the various aspects of the law enforcement field. The Deputy Explorers receive some similar training opportunities that are given to the Deputy Recruits that are hired by the agency.

The mission of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Explorer program is to assist students in character development while teaching leadership skills. This program provides the deputy Explorers with an introduction to an exciting and rewarding career in law enforcement.

Sgt. Juan Ocasio  Explorer Coordinator

Sgt. Juan Ocasio
Explorer Coordinator