(Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I Bond or Purge someone out of jail?

Option A:  You may pay the full amount of the Bond or Purge at the Marion County Jail Information and Visitation Center by providing Cash or a Certified Bank Check made payable to David Ellspermann, Marion County Clerk of Courts. Once payment is received, a bond will be written and processed.

Option B: A Debit or Credit Card may be used to post a cash bond by going to or call 1-888-726-6301.  This is not a bonding company and fees are not governed by the Sheriff’s Office.

Option C: Surety Bond- You may contact a Bail Bonding Agent- By law, we cannot recommend a bonding agency. You may look in the local phone book or look online to find a registered bail bond agent.

How long will it take to bond someone out? 

Once the booking and identification process has been completed, an individual’s bond can be posted. The Marion County Jail accepts bonds 24 hours a day. Once the bond is received, the release process can take several hours due to the numerous checks and balances used to ensure proper release procedures are being followed.

Can an individual call from the booking area?

Individuals being released can make free local calls or collect long distance calls from the booking area to secure a ride.

Property Release process

Inmates may release property and/or money during the first 30 days of their incarceration only. The inmate must complete a Property Release Authorization form and give it to the housing Detention Deputy. Once the Inmate property room receives the Property Release Authorization form, you have 5 days to pick up the inmates property before the release form expires. You must have a valid Government photo ID.  You may contact the Inmate Property Room by calling 352-351-8077 to verify if a Property Release form is ready for your pickup.