This is a list of Found Property turned into the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. If you think something on this list is your property, please contact our Forensics Unit. You can either come to our Central Operations at 692 SW 30th Ave, Ocala and let the receptionist know why you are there and they will contact the Forensics Unit, or you can call us at (352) 368-3565. Be prepared to prove ownership either by bill of sale or a detailed description of the item.

Any items unclaimed after 90 days will be disposed of with the exception of firearms.

  1. Red/Black Spinn Fit 700C Shimano Bicycle (run over)

  2. Hi Point 9mm Pistol

  3. Credit and Debit Cards

  4. Louis Vuitton Black Purse with multi colored LV

  5. Sig Sauer 9mm P938 Pistol

  6. Brown Leather Wallet with Bank Cards


This list was posted on April 18, 2019 and will be removed on July 19th, 2019

  1. Black Wallet

  2. Drivers License & Grey Suitcase containing personal items

  3. Ruger Mark IV Pistol and Leather Holster

  4. Black Samsung Phone

  5. Second Black Wallet


This list was posted on February 15, 2019 and will be removed on May 19th, 2019