Billy Rawls   I.T. Director

Billy Rawls
I.T. Director


IT maintains all computers, two-way radios, video security systems, monitoring alarms, door controls and other electronic related systems. IT equips each officer and vehicle with a laptop computer, two-way radio, portable radio, in-car video system, light bar, cell phone, fingerprint reader and turn by turn GPS system.  Basically, if electrons flow through it, we take care of it.  We are I.T.


The mission of the Information Technology Unit is to provide trusted information technology and telecommunications leadership and services that offer proven, cost-effective solutions to the MCSO.  When called upon, we also offer IT Tech Support to other law enforcement entities in Marion County. 


We strive to be a force multiplier by keeping our deputies on the road, responding to calls for service, by minimizing off-the-road time due to “technical issues”.






We also assist with the tech aspects of our various websites and assist others with reports and technical matters. In addition, the unit is responsible for network connectivity, software deployment,
database creation and management, email services, and overall information security. 










I.T. supports over 650 desktop computers, over 370 laptop and mobile computers, 65 servers, 967 phones and 1,353 radios.  We ensure all technology solutions and policies adhere to federal, state and local security regulations and mandates.