Detectives are responsible for investigating ALL homicides, suicides, accidental deaths and unexplained deaths. Detectives work closely with the 5th Judicial District Medical Examiner’s Office and with the prosecutors at the State Attorney’s Office to ensure that cases are worked thoroughly and properly in an effort to successfully prosecute violent criminals.

 Detectives are also responsible for investigating sex crimes related cases, serious child abuse cases, internet crimes against children and fraud cases with a loss of more than $100,00.00. These detectives work hand in hand with Kimberly’s Center for Child Protection to ensure all victims receive the care and follow up needed to protect victims from further abuse and/or exploitation.


Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC)

Internet Crimes against Children (ICAC) investigations is part of the Major Crimes Unit. Marion County Sheriff’s Office is a member of the North Florida Internet Crimes against Children (ICAC) task force which is one of three task forces in the state of Florida. The unit investigates any crimes in which a juvenile is being victimized through the use of the computer and/or the internet. This includes on-line solicitation of children and child pornography, as well as those child related crimes perpetrated over electronic devices such as cellular telephones or “smart” phones.

Lt. Claude McQuaig   Major Crimes Unit

Lt. Claude McQuaig
Major Crimes Unit