Captain Eddie Leedy Mounted Unit Commander

Captain Eddie Leedy
Mounted Unit Commander

Mounted Unit

Imagine… an officer that stands almost ten feet tall and weighs between 1000-1400 pounds. That is what makes the mounted officer’s job more effective than the normal street cop. When using them for crowd control or special events, they act as a tower of police visibility for the safety and security of those in attendance. Mounted units also provide an excellent public relations tool. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Unit was created in the 1960’s with seven charter members. The unit has grown over the years and now encompasses 30 plus volunteer members. The volunteers use all of their own horses, trailers and equipment.

The Mounted Unit is very active in the community and can be seen at most big events within the county. The members within the unit are very dedicated to the sheriff’s office and the citizens of Marion County and often give up their weekends and holidays to work special events. The unit meets on the first Tuesday of ever month and trains twice a month. The Mounted Unit Commander, Captain Eddie Leedy can be reached at 352-732-8181 or cell 352-572-1785