Lieutenant Chris Vorisek   Property Crimes Unit Commander

Lieutenant Chris Vorisek
Property Crimes Unit Commander

The Property Crimes Unit is made up of one Lieutenant, two Sergeants and thirteen Detectives, with one Detective specializing in fraud investigations. The other 12 Detectives are divided into a North and South sector with 6 Detectives in the North and 6 Detectives in the South. Each sector has a Sergeant who serves as a first-line supervisor to their Detectives. The function of Property Crimes Detectives is to conduct follow-up investigations to identify and apprehend perpetrators of serious property crimes, such as burglaries, automobile thefts and fraud cases.   The Property Crimes Unit is also responsible for maintaining accountability over the registered career offenders in Marion County.  These offenders have been declared by the court to have such a serious criminal history; they are required to register as a Florida Career Offender for life.