Sgt. Paul Bloom   Director of the Public Information Office  Phone: (352) 368-3527

Sgt. Paul Bloom
Director of the Public Information Office
Phone: (352) 368-3527

Welcome to the Public Information Office of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. Our unit serves as the bell tower for Marion County to get information out to the public when trouble is on the horizon. If there is a crime trend such as burglary or thefts, we sound the alarm to help citizens protect themselves and their families from becoming victims of crime.

The Public Information Office works with local media, Associated Press and national news outlets when needed and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also arrange interviews with television, newspaper and radio for our officers and prisoners in custody.

Part of the responsibilities of the Public Information Office is the development and production of safety brochures, newsletters, public service announcements (PSAs), public displays and also maintaining the Sheriff’s Office website.

The Public Information Office provides a vast amount of information to the public, whether via the media, contact with the community, or our website.

We continually strive to provide information that will benefit the safety and security of the citizens of Marion County, which is why we have developed numerous systems on our website that give you instant access to information at the click of a mouse.

The integrity of the cases involved and being able to catch criminals so they are not a threat to the community is our number one goal. However, we will do whatever we can to assist the citizens of Marion County in acquiring the information they request.

Valerie Strong   Assistant Public Information Officer   Phone: (352) 368-3559

Valerie Strong
Assistant Public Information Officer
Phone: (352) 368-3559

Jonathan Soto   Multi-Media Specialist  Phone: (352) 368-6718

Jonathan Soto
Multi-Media Specialist
Phone: (352) 368-6718

Kayla Welch   PIO Executive Secretary  Phone: (352) 368-3596

Kayla Welch
PIO Executive Secretary
Phone: (352) 368-3596


Here are a few things that we provide on our Facebook page and website as a courtesy to community:

  • Media Releases

  • Missing Persons

  • Currently Incarcerated Inmates

  • Past Inmates

  • Sexual Offenders and Predators

Much of this information is also available by contacting the Sheriff’s Office directly at the number listed on our contact page.


Please remember that often times, cases are still active and much of the information may not be released at the time it is requested.

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